Job Vacancies

The JCPD is seeking to recruit suitable candidates in the following capacities:

Executive Director (GMG/SEG 6)

Manager, Human Resource Management and Administration (GMG/SEG 2)

Account FMG/PA1

Head Public Procurement (GMG/SEG1)

ICT Officer (MIS/IT5)

Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Relations (MCG/IE5)

Manager, Client Care and Information (GMG/SEG2)

Director/Secretary, Disabilities Rights Tribunal (GMG/SEG 2)

Checking/Certifying Officer (FMG/AT2)

Voucher Preparation Officer (FMG/AT1)

Legal Officer/Corporate Secretary (JLG/LO3)


Applications accompanied by resume should be submitted no later than Monday, February 6, 2022, to

Senior Director Human Resource Management and Development

Ministry of Labour &Social Security

14 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Email: resume@mlss.gov.jm


Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted

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