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Reasonable Arrangements

This refers to any special adjustments and devices that may have to be used, made or included so that persons with disabilities can enjoy their rights and fully participate in the advancement of society.

Some reasonable arrangements are:

  • The provision of auxiliary aids and services.
  • Obtaining or altering devices that reduce the effect of a disability being experienced by an individual
  • Duly qualified interpreters, technologies etc.
Disproportionate or Unique Burden

If "the reasonable arrangements" are going to cost way too much to put in place, then this may cause an undue burden on the person or company who has to do it. But you can’t just say that it will be an undue burden. Under the Act you have to prove it.

What’s all this about Access?

It’s easy for us to have a conversation with a service provider, walk up or down steps, or into an elevator. But have you ever thought about how difficult it is for some persons with disabilities? Making their way around or trying to get information can be a nightmare of frustration and impossibilities if the right accommodations are not in place to enable their access. Learn more about Making Homes and Businesses Accessible now! You need to know because these accommodations are all part of the Disabilities Act!

Label for the Modal!

Black Background and White Text
White Background and Black Text
Yellow Background and Black Text