Name Address Title Contact
Name Address Title Contact
Eastern Disability Association Tucker Road , Hope Bay P.O, Port Antonio, Portland Chairman: Mr. Clifton McKenzie 913-0507
St. Ann Disability Association Steer Town, St Ann’s Bay P.O, St Ann President: Miss Millicent Sankey 458-7477, 310-6775
Cornwall Combined Disability Association Lot 379, Catherine Hall, No. 2. P.O, Monetgo Bay, St. James President: Mr. Andrew East, Vice President: Mr. Robert Blake 940-1204,360-0406,847-9241/539
Name Address Title Contact
Abilities Foundation 191 Constant Spring Rd., Kgn. 8 Managing Director:Miss Susan Hamilton 969-5720, 924-6619 969-5719
Name Address Title Contact
Centre for Disability Studies UWI, Mona, Kgn. 7 Coordinator: Senator Floyd Morris 977-9423 977-9423
Clarendon Group for the Disabled (CGD) 2A Palm Ave., P.O. Box 78, May Pen P.O., Clarendon Parish Coordinator: Miss Shaunette Grant 986-4202, 806-6761 986-4202
Combined Disabilities Association (CDA) 18 Ripon Rd., Kgn. 5 Executive Director: Miss Gloria Goffe 929-1177, 968-9784 929-1177
Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ) 14 Monk Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Managing Director(Acting): Mrs. Susan Long- White 984-2840 984-7808
Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD) 18 Ripon Rd., Kgn. 5 Executive Director: Mrs. Christine Hendricks 968-8373, 968-0623 906-8555
Office for Special Student Services UWI, Mona, Kgn. 7 Chairperson of Committee for Students with Disabilities: Ms. Paulene Richards 935-8549, 977-1551 977-9423
Portmore Self-Help Disability Organization 3 Baptist Rd., Christian Pen, Gregory Park, St. Catherine President/Founder: Mrs. Bridget Johnson-Thompson 437-1837 988-4685
Accessible Services Caribbean Shop No. 1 Dubai Plaza, Portmore Town Center, St. Catherine Executive Director- Mrs. Sharon Edwards 337-2531
Rural Services for Children with Disabilities (RSCD) 40 Constitution Dr., Santa Cruz P.O., St. Elizabeth 966-3237, 356-9095
Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network 26 Pine Blvd, Kingston Chairperson: Ms. Jhanille A. Brooks 378-9895
MENSANA 46 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 10 Chairperson: Ms. Dawn Marie Roper 340-8837,553-9113
Name Address Title Contact
Name Address Title Contact
Adonijah Group of Schools 20 Elspeth Ave., Kgn. 20 Principal: Ms. Gemma Gibbon 770-1223, 378-8805, 857-5914
Genesis Academy 38 South Camp Rd., Kgn. 4 Principal: Mrs. Donna Lowe 928-5051, 930-2662 928-9898
Jamaica Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (JACLD) 7 Leinster Rd., Kgn. 5 Director: Ms. Alicia Francis 929-4341 929-4348
Jamaican Association on Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) 7 Golding Ave., P.O. Box 224, Kgn Executive Director: Mrs. Christine Rodrigues 977-1118/0134 970-3182
Jamaica Autism Support Association 21 Hope Road, Kingston 10 Ms. Kathy Chang /Ms. Gayle Cunningham
Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation Unit #10, 1 Stanton Terrace Founder/Director:Dr. Charmaine Scott 978-0829/978-7217 978-7217
Llandilo Special School of Education P.O. Box 238, Savanna la mar, Westmoreland Principal: Mr. Roy Reid 955-4849 955-4849
May Pen Learning Centre, (JAID) Denbigh Show Ground, May Pen, Clarendon Vice Principal:Mrs. Marva Hamilton-Powell 902-2112 902-2112
McCam Child Development Centre 231 Old Hope Rd., Kgn. 6 Director: Dr. Pauline Watson-Campbell 977-0189/ 977-6496 906-1395
Mico Care Centre 5 Manhattan Rd., Kgn. 5 929-7720-2 906-1395
Montego Bay Learning Centre Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St. James Unit Coordinator (Acting): Miss Sharon Campbell 971-7225
Promise Learning Centre 58 Hagley Park Rd., Kgn. 10 Principal:Mrs. Marjorie Hylton 906-8283, 631-8045 754-8143
Santa Cruz Learning Centre 47 Coke Dr., Santa Cruz P.O., St. Elizabeth Principal:Miss Yvonne Snowball 906-8283, 631-8045 754-8143
Name Address Title Contact
Special Olympics Jamaica Independence Park, Room 8, National Stadium, Kgn. 5 National Director: Mrs. Lorna Bell 906-0752 906-0754
Name Address Title Contact
Paraplegic Development and Outreach Foundation (PARADOF) 92 Hanover Street, Kgn Director: Lennox Edwards 948-2706 948-4810
Nathan Ebanks Foundation 22 B The Business District, Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 Founder/Executive Director: Mrs. Christine Staple-Ebanks 665-3928
Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre 7 Golding Avenue, Kgn. 7 Ms. Melanie Walker, Hospital Administrator 927-2504, 9771469 977-5686

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